Terms of Service [Product Photography Services]

Updated on Feb 4, 2019

You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions when placing an order. The Company may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services or prices offered on this website at any time without prior notice.


We accept Email Transfer (to pixelfoliostudio@gmail.com), Cash, Visa/Master/American Express card payment, Cheque may be accepted with the condition. Please provide us with the Card Number, Expiry Date, 3 digits CVV number at the back of the card and the Post Code the card registered with.

50% non-refundable retainer fee is due at the time of placing the order. The remaining balance is payable in full prior to the delivery of the final product.

All credit card payments are processed via Square (www.squareup.com), a third party platform.

The Company will not under any circumstances bill your credit card for charges that you do not authorize, however, by keeping your credit card on file with the Company you grant the Company the right to bill your credit card directly for Services that you ask us to perform. We keep your information secure and will not under any circumstances allow for the unlawful or unauthorized use of your credit card information. 

A 1.5% interest per month of the outstanding balance may be charged if the balance is unpaid 15 calendar days after the invoice due date.

In the event that the Company must pursue legal action in order to collect on balances due, You agree to reimburse the Company for all expenses incurred to recover any and all sums due, including but not limited to all attorney’s fees and other expenses.

Scheduling & Procedures

After your order is placed, we will contact you either via telephone or text message or email in order to schedule Your photo session. We are not liable in any way if we cannot get in touch with You in the event that You provided inaccurate contact information during the registration process or if you are unavailable or for any other reason.

The test shots will be presented to the CLIENT for approval during the work, it becomes final when approved. Any changes after approval are subject to a fee.

For on-location services, the client must present on-site and making all the necessary decisions. All shots performed on site must be approved by the client, it becomes final when approved. With the absent of decision-making, it is left to the discretion of the photographers.

In the event that the scope of work increased, the CLIENT authorizes the COMPANY to charge at least 50% of the amount that has increased from the credit card on file or other payment methods where applies.

The COMPANY is not required to keep any CLIENT’s files 60 calendar days after the invoice due date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


All packages include basic image editing includes the adjustment of exposure, white balance, resizing, cropping.

An optionally advanced image editing includes removing small objects from the original image, detail fix imperfections, etc. Depending on the complexity of the requirements a fee may be associated the to work unless otherwise stated in the Scope of Work.

The final post-production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of the images are left to the discretion of the PHOTOGRAPHER.

PHOTOGRAPHER will strive to present photos in a workmanlike manner but is not required to cater to specific aesthetic preferences of the CLIENT.


You will receive your first design draft the within 2 business day after the photo shoot took place. The brochure will be sent for print once you have approved the design. Depends on the quantity of the prints it can take up to 4 business days to complete the printing.

Distribution of Services and Products

Internet Distribution and Display

All parties understand and agree that all photos displayed on the internet are the property of the Company. Moreover, all photographs that are photographed and uploaded to the internet may be available for public viewing.

Additional Fees

The Company reserves the right to charge additional fees due to no-show, cancellations, rescheduling, travel time, parking, brochure shipment and reshoots.

Rescheduling for On-location Services

Rescheduling will be free of charge with an at least 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled shoot, otherwise, a rescheduling fee of 10% of the total amount will be charged. No refund will be given for cancellation.

If the photographer has arrived on site and does not have the access to conduct the service within a reasonable time frame (30 mins) or the product cannot be photographed, then it is considered a "no-show" situation, as a result, the client will be charged for a half day session plus travel fee (if applicable).

Parking fee is not included in the services rate. If a parking spot cannot be arranged by the CLIENT, parking fees will be added to the final service charge, as it incurred, It is the CLIENT’s’ responsibility to give clear instruction to the photographer where to be parked, and the parking location needs to be reasonably close to the property. Otherwise, the photographer will be finding a parking spot at his/her own discretion and charged to a CLIENT.

Travel Fees may be charged for some areas. In the event that a travel fee is charged, the fee will be disclosed to You no later than when the shoot is scheduled.

Shipping cost and mobilization of the product to shoot are not included in the quote.